Thursday words bangla galposalpo 28.5.15

bangla galposalpo

love is giving and taking hearts

its not a game of giving and taking hearts

if you don’t know how to love

don’t play games

when the dusk will come and you will return

you will go back with a shattered heart

or you will leave behind

a bleeding, shattered heart.

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20 thoughts on “Thursday words bangla galposalpo 28.5.15

    • My first choice was Fantasia because she rules fantasy world then I discovered Disney has a superhit character by that name, so I checked out that Musie is untouched and zeroed on her. 🙂

      I used Fantasia for a while, for a series of poems too before discovering she is a super-hit character 😉

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      • I have the movie in my hard disk but did not tried it, seemed a bit boring in comparison to Disney movies, but the name is very famous, you can google you will see its instantly shown as Disney character. I absolutely prefer unique names, but end up with famous ones or are later made famous by others… ha!

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