Bengali Bloggers – Join me please!

Bengali bloggers or those who like Troy are learning Bengali join me here, please, if you blog using Bengali fonts, or have improvised something like me because Avro plays spoil-sport in your operating system please come and join me here, write something in Bengali, leave your link here, or join me in Thursday Posts in Bengali and leave your links there, I will read them, and I certainly have some time to leave comments too, will love to have the same from you too of-course!


I have been desperately searching bloggers who write in Bengali in WordPress and the result have been disappointing so… please start writing in Bengali and join me here, leave your links so at-least I can read.






18 thoughts on “Bengali Bloggers – Join me please!

    • ha ha, yes it will go like Aami/aami tomake bhalobashi/bhalobasi πŸ™‚ most of my non Bengali friends know this line, there is a bachchan song (before your birth) angrezi me kahte hain ke… Bengali me kahte hain kee ami tomake bhalobasi…” so lot of people must have picked it up from there too, that song was boom boom hit.

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      • I rarely watch hindi movies, when I do I go for the oldies, the black and white era mostly, the ones shot before 1970s I mean. Before my birth πŸ™‚

        I love the movies of that time and the art films of later years, most of them, they were absolutely great shyam benegal, Mahesh bhatt-


    • I too am hoping that I will be able to bring some Bengali writers together. Why don’t you start trying simple things in Bengali? Maybe you can borrow some of your father’s works and share with us!

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      • Thank you I might give it a hand some day when I am feeling up to it…Sure I will see if I can share some of my dad’s works on the site πŸ™‚ thanks for the offer! will ask my dad as to what he wishes to share


      • that will be great, and you may start learning Bengali too, it is a priceless language! full of rich treasure like Rabindranath, saratchandra … how old are you? in your twenties? then there is still time!

        Even though I will admit my parents taught us Bengali, hindi, English from earliest childhood but I have learned more Bengali from books than school (Which were almost none).

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      • Hi I can read it and writing is at elementary level (grade one or two? haha) , I can also read and write in hindi…have read a lot of poetry by rabindranath and the memorable stories of saratchandra…it is just as a writer I tend to think in English when I write so that’s the language I am most comfortable in…other than letters to my grandparents I haven’t written much of bengali at all…but I would like to practise it when I can…it is a rich language…I am in my late twenties :p so there is still hope right haha : )will be dropping by your blog later tonight


      • writing Bengali is a really tough game, if my Bengali writings are read by a Bengali teacher she will go crazy πŸ™‚ but then we are poets we don’t care much about grammar, we allow them to get eaten by werewolves (have you read the poem about the encounter of a grammar teacher and werewolf? it is great!)

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    • I have 14 blogs running and thriving. maybe if my books become best seller then I will go for a paid wordpress site and bring them all together, but right now I have separate blogs for hindi and Bengali.

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