Bengali writers do your bit please!

They say that every day a heart dies because no one cares for it, it is true about a lot of things, including languages, compare Sanskrit and Urdu- we neglected Sanskrit to almost death, believe me or not, when I was young, till I crossed my thirties I mean I desperately tried to get a Sanskrit tutor who will teach me Sanskrit from scratch, the result was a big zero, my brother on the other hand learned Urdu from scratch when he got admitted in Aligarh Muslim University, so please, don’t do it to Bengali,

write something in Bengali and share the post with me,

join me in my Thursday posts so we can create a group that will write at-least once in a week in Bengali and share the works with others.

I can guarantee one reader-me, most probably if you read the works of others they too will return your kindness!

But let us first begin, shall we?


4 thoughts on “Bengali writers do your bit please!

    • It was quite disappointing to see the lack of Bengali blogs, let’s change the scenario! even if we don’t have Bengali fonts we all have pen, paper and camera (phone camera too will do I believe)!

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