Tuesday Reminders for Bengali Writers 14.7.15

It is Tuesday, the day after tomorrow is Thursday, write up something with Bengali fonts or English fonts but Bengali language and share it with us, we will love to read your works and will love it if you read our works.

A suggestion for you- when you are writing in any non English language, try to use English letters for the title, otherwise wordpress at least botches up the url that you can share with others to check out your post.

That is if your post name is “amar galpo” don’t use Bengali fonts, use English Fonts for the title, don’t write “My story” write “Amar Galpo” to tell people that the story is not in English but Bengali but use English fonts if you want to share your urls with others or link it to the posts of others.

Love and hugs.

In the end write something in Hindi and share it with us on Thursday, in Thursday Words, leave your url/work in comment I will add it in the main post.


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