Kshama Karo Hazrat!

Just a week or so earlier I was discussing with my brother about the irony of fundamentalism, Tagore had all his roots in Bangladesh, but he is revered in India, Nazrul was born and brought up in West Bengal, even though he left for Bangladesh after partition I think and he is Bangladesh’s national poet, most probably because he is Muslim, now, even though they have made him their national poet they should admire his deep, loving soul too, they are butchering liberal Hindu bloggers, hacking them to death one after the other, now I don’t know if they are targeting Hindus or liberals but whatsoever they should read this poem by Nazrul, one of my favorites, here is a few lines from it-

Bhindharmir puja mandir
bhangite adesh dao ne he beer
ajke amra sahya korite parina paramat
kshama karo hazrat!

this translates to-
You never ordered us to ruin the altars or temples of others oh brave one!
look at us today, we cant tolerate views of others, forgive us Hazrat!

Rings a bell? Respect your national poet!

BTW let me clarify one thing I feel pity for fanatics of all kinds- shapes, religion and sizes, that includes Hindus too, who confuse my love for lotus with love for BJP (I loathe BJP).


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