Thursday words bangla galposalpo 11.2.16

TPB 11.2.16

Have a fantastic day!


One thought on “Thursday words bangla galposalpo 11.2.16

  1. At first when I opened this blog, seeing blogs on lovestories sprouting like mushrooms all around and not a single story on the underprivileged sections of the society, I sort of pledged I would write about everything but lovestories. But then I realised that it’s just a whim, life cannot go on without love! And from time to time we do need happy endings, we do need that someone who says “It’ll all be ok”. This post is inspired by a friend’s suggestion(I guess it’s his lovestory but he constantly refuses to agree). So here’s me, for the very first time humbly taking an attempt at a lovestory( I guess it’s the side effect of the bengali valentine’s day or Saraswati Puja)…do read it in the link given below:
    Do not forget to read, comment, and rate!
    Also, happy saraswati puja everyone! 🙂

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