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Bangla lekhak lekhikar baithak join us!



Hey Bengali writers @ wordpress.com you write in Bengali, right? so you certainly will love to have some people in your blog who read and write in Bengali, those who will read your works and you will read theirs in return!!

Why don’t you join this solo player till date and make it a success? Look at my Hindi blog I already have almost half a dozen friends I can count on, who are kind and sweet enough to post a weekly post there and read the works of others, in case you want to join us please write something in Bengali in your blog, in Bengali or English font Bengali words and share that posts url in the Thursday words bangla galposalpo that is a weekly post, so we can all read each other’s Bengali writings!

Join me! come on guys! It is really good to write in your own mother tongue so that you don’t forget it ;p

If you cant join the Thursday Words but will love to read Bengali posts and be read, leave your blog url here-




Tuesday Reminders 17.11.15

It’s TUESDAY the day after today is THURSDAY, if you are a Bengali writer looking for readers, or a Bengali reader looking for writers join me, share your post’s link here or in the Thursday Words Bangla galposalpo, the weekly post.

It will be really great to build a group of Bengali writers and readers.

rock in wp