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If you want to join BANGLA WRITER’S FORUM HERE

If you want to join the bengali writer joint, the group of bengali writers and readers you will have to do this one thing, leave your post’s url, individual posts, every Bangla galposalpo (on every Thursday) post on Thursdays or as many Thursdays you want, but I need your links here, in my blog comments as a formal approval from your end.

Please do take some time out of your schedule and leave the url of individual post(s) here, in Thursday Words Bangla Galposalpo the weekly post.

category in the left column of the blog, if you have any problem in posting your comments do let me know!


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Bengali or Hindi writers join us at Hindibaaten or Bangla Katha O Blog



Thank you very much Sunny (sunnymca.wordpress.com) for this brilliant suggestion, now I alongwith some of my Hindi lover friends are trying to create a group of genuine Hindi lovers, who have some time to squeeze out and read+write Hindi stuffs, they can be poems, stories or just scribbles in hindi font or English font but hindi words.

For the sake of discipline we write something in Hindi and leave that posts url in Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten, the weekly post, so that we can read each other’s works.

There is no fun in writing for yourself, it is great if others read your works and enjoy them!

Join us, and do read each other’s works.


or the Bangla blog-




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Rashmi B


Rishabh Agarwal




Aayush Maurya:



WELL, Honestly, I am too stuck up with my twin Ezines these days, so I check this blog only once each week, sometimes once in a fortnight, but, I will love to read your works, if you leave the links to your Hindi posts I will compile them and put them as a sticky post for the rest of the month. How about that?

If I start getting more than 4 contributions for the Thursday Words Hindi Baaten (weekly posts) then I will start checking the account more frequently. I promise!

I will be glad to hear your comments on my works too, so, do spend one or two minutes and read my works, leave your opinion.

All the best!

if you want to check out my monthly ezines they are here- Agnishatdal too is open for hindi writings (with English translation)-

Agnishatdal –


Email id: agnishatdal@hotmail.com/agnijaat@hotmail.com and cc sermistabasu@gmail.com

Write in Bangla for Agnishatdal


Well, I will be adding at least a handful of posts in Bengali/Hindi in Agnishatdal, if you have something you will like to publish send it to me, along with its English translation (first copyright them then send me).

check out the site for further details


my email is sermistabasu@gmail.com

agnishatdal the ezine

Kshama Karo Hazrat!

Just a week or so earlier I was discussing with my brother about the irony of fundamentalism, Tagore had all his roots in Bangladesh, but he is revered in India, Nazrul was born and brought up in West Bengal, even though he left for Bangladesh after partition I think and he is Bangladesh’s national poet, most probably because he is Muslim, now, even though they have made him their national poet they should admire his deep, loving soul too, they are butchering liberal Hindu bloggers, hacking them to death one after the other, now I don’t know if they are targeting Hindus or liberals but whatsoever they should read this poem by Nazrul, one of my favorites, here is a few lines from it-

Bhindharmir puja mandir
bhangite adesh dao ne he beer
ajke amra sahya korite parina paramat
kshama karo hazrat!

this translates to-
You never ordered us to ruin the altars or temples of others oh brave one!
look at us today, we cant tolerate views of others, forgive us Hazrat!

Rings a bell? Respect your national poet!

BTW let me clarify one thing I feel pity for fanatics of all kinds- shapes, religion and sizes, that includes Hindus too, who confuse my love for lotus with love for BJP (I loathe BJP).

Tuesday Reminders 8.9.15

So, what are you waiting for? write something in Bengali in your blog, in Bengali letters or English I don’t care, as long as it is Bengali and then post it, give the link to me, that is post it via comments in this post or preferably in the next “Thursday words bangla galposalpo”.

I will add your link in the post, share it with my readers and will certainly read and comment in your post, will be glad if you do the same to those who read your work and comment.

Let’s bring Bengali to life in wordpress!

waiting impatiently for your works. If you permanently want to join it, that is, if you are a regular writer in Hindi and want to share one work on each Thursday Words do let me know that too, there is a forum page you can leave your url there too.


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