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My books in Bengali or for Bengal

Well I have a blog dedicated to my books, you can check out all my books there




but this blog is dedicated to Bengali and its English translation, so I will add my benglish books here, books which will contain Bengali poems and their English essence 🙂


First one is Rabikare Agnishatdal


Well, ever since reading in an article how English is slowly replacing vernacular languages I decided to try the two I know, Bengali and Hindi, Now, I don’t have a software that wont meddle with my computer and allow me to write in Hindi or Bengali so I tried another style, simply writing and taking photographs, that will perfectly fit with my style of poems mingled with paintings, so this is the first book of that style, at first Bengali poem, then English poem capturing its inner meaning. I have not used translation, so that those who are Bengali will be able to enjoy all 70 poems.

The first one was published on Rabindranath Tagore’s birthday as per English calendar, 7th May 1861, we Bengalis celebrate his birthday on 25th Boisakh, that was as usual on 9th May, by then the book was out in Amazon, well like thousands of Bengalis I too love, adore, Tagore and his poems/songs, so when the first Bengali book’s idea popped up in mind he certainly was the one to get the first tribute, because he made me fall in love with Bengali poetry.

Its name is “For Tagore- Rabikare Agnishatdal”




rabikare agnishatdal rev


The second one is meghparir gaan song of clouds


It was published on my birthday, I am planning to publish this style of book from now on, because they are closer to my heart, by this type I meant poems will be short and will be part of my own paintings/photographs…. They will be only ebooks in amazon and in full colour.


You can check out the page dedicated to it in daintypetals.wordpress.com to see them together or see them as they are being published here one by one and if you can tell me what you think of them!





Then three books on Durgapuja one is in English but it is for those who want to know about Bengali Durgapuja so…

durgapuja mayer paye 108 agnishatdal

This one is bilingual, only ebook in amazon. So that I can share the illustrations in full colour.

Durgapuja mayer paye 108 agnishatdal

barir pujo durgapuja and kalipuja

This book’s necessity was felt while writing the first book, mayer paye 108 agnishatdal, I realized while writing that book that most of the things said in that book will sound like latin to Troy, who inspired that book, because they are too deeply embedded in Bengal, so I wrote this book, in English only with one goal in mind, describing the way durgapuja is held in rural Bengal, in traditional way, with full colour illustrations of course!

This book too is only ebook, in amazon.

Barir pujo durgapuja and kalipuja

durgapujo duti shishur duti jagat

This book is fully illustrated in colour, a new take on Durgapuja from my side I think, Durgapuja through the eyes of two sisters- one a normal child, out for fun, the other one a spiritual being, more into the spiritual side of the festivity.

Hope it will touch your heart, it is bilingual again, Bengali poems and their essence in English, and of course available only as ebook, in amazon kindle.

Durgapuja duti shishur duti jagat


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